"F-Response has been a life saver. Not only have I been able to save large quantities of money by not having to go place to place to perform dead box forensics, but now I am the go-to-person to acquire images all over the state. F-Response also has come in handy by allowing me to pull RAM and become part of the system to help safeguard our network. It's been fantastic and is already on the list of things that will definitely be renewed."

Jeff Madsen - Computer Forensics Investigations Manager - [Not Provided]

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F-Response and Collect Released - Updates to Collect, Classic, and Universal

We're happy to announce the latest update to F-Response. Always remember you can click here to jump straight to theā€¦

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F-Response software provides direct read-only access to remote disks, volumes, memory and even cloud storage to facilitate cutting edge forensics, incident response, and electronic discovery services.

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What is F-Response?

F-Response is an easy to use, vendor neutral, patented software utility that enables an investigator to conduct live Forensics, Data Recovery, and eDiscovery over an IP network using their tool(s) of choice. F-Response is not another analysis tool. F-Response is a utility that allows you to make better use of the tools and training that you already have.

F-Response software uses a patented process to provide read-only access to full physical disk(s), physical memory (RAM), 3rd party Cloud, Email and Database storage. Designed to be completely vendor neutral, if your analysis software reads a hard drive or network share, it will work with F-Response.

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