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" The software is excellent, this is our primary tool for imaging in a network case. Thank you for such a great product, we will continue to use. "
Joseph G. Pochron, Commanding Officer

F-Response Imager

F-Response Imager Summary

What is the F-Response Imager?

The F-Response Imager is a new patent-pending product developed to provide simple, fast, and easy to use imaging for F-Response customers.

How do I get it?

It's on the Downloads page of our website. If you are a Universal customer please use your Appliance Id number on the Downloads page to locate the Imager installation package. Don't know your Appliance Id or Dongle #? Contact us and we'll help you find it.

How does F-Response Imager work?

The F-Response Imager is a multi-threaded high performance imager that integrates with Windows Explorer to provide a simple and effective mechanism for examiners of all skill levels to create physical and logical device images quickly and efficiently.

Why do I need another Imager?

Perhaps you don't. The F-Response Imager was primarily created for situations where F-Response customers were not seeing the speed and performance they expected with their current imaging product. The F-Response Imager provides our customers with another option when it comes to imaging F-Response presented devices.

What can I image?

The F-Response Imager only works with F-Response devices, including Physical Disks presented by F-Response (FK,TAC,CE,CEC,EE) and F-Response Universal. As well as logical devices presented by F-Response, including, DiscoveryShares, MemoryShares, and Connector Volumes.

Is the F-Response Imager scriptable?

Yes, the F-Response Imager presents a fully scriptable COM (Component Object Library) under Windows.

How much does the F-Response Imager cost?

The F-Response Imager is free to all current F-Response customers.

What does the F-Response Imager look like?

We've produced the following three videos showing the F-Response Imager creating images of physical devices, virtual devices, and containers.

F-Response Imager - Creating Physical Images

F-Response Imager - Creating Virtual Device Images

F-Response Imager - Creating Container Images



The F-Response Imager provides optimal performance and scaling by utilizing all available system resources and efficient multi-thread scheduling for compressing, hashing, reading, and writing data.


Full imaging support for F-Response presented logical and physical devices, including DiscoveryShares., F-Response Connector Volumes, and MemoryShares..


Full scripting and programming support using any language capable of interacting with Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM).


Offers recovery options to resume physical images directly where they stopped in the event of a failure.


Supports Expert Witness (E01) and Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format for images.


Integrated with Windows Explorer for easy to use "point and click" imaging and logical file collection.


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F-Response products are protected by one or more patents or patents-pending, including U.S. Patent Nos. 7,899,882; 8,171,108; 9,037,630; and 9,148,418.