Beep, Boop, Bop, Automating F-Response

Feb 28, 2024

We got a great email last week asking about F-Response and automation. I don't blame them. Collecting remote images and filesystem data has certainly become more challenging than ever.

Photo by Simon Kadula on Unsplash

Networks are unstable. Machines enter and exit wifi constantly. Windows Updates are a near constant fixture in our lives.

If anything, automation of image collection and automatic restart/resume isn't a nice to have, it's a have to have.

So, that's why we designed F-Response Collect the way we did. We built it from the ground up with a full automation api that's accessible using simple HTTPS methods.

It's easy.

It's documented.

It's automation.

You'll find the details in the F-Response Collect manual.

Good luck with your automation, and don't worry, we'll tell your boss it's way harder than it looks.

Warmest Regards,

M Shannon