Defining what Remote means to You

Jan 29, 2024

We get requests from time to time asking which version of F-Response is best for remote collection.

Hint: It's all of them.

Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash

Our typical response is to ask what remote means to you. I promise we aren't jerks about it. The simple fact is that remote means different things to different people. Your idea of remote might be across the office, or maybe the office across town, or maybe the person working from home? What about the other side of the world?

Yes, we've seen (and handled) pretty much all those configurations.

However, the version of F-Response that makes the most sense is going to be the one that was best designed for the "remote" you're dealing with. That's why we wrote this handy pdf.

Evidence Collection in a Remote World


Classic versions of F-Response are best for LAN/WAN configurations (F-Response Consultant, Consultant + Covert, Enterprise).

F-Response Universal is great for heavily firewalled networks.

F-Response Collect is the best solution for Work From Home (WFH) and over the internet collection.

Grab the pdf. Give it a read. I think you'll see there's an "F-Response for Everyone".

Warmest Regards,

M Shannon