F-Response Released - Updates to Collect, Classic, and Universal

Mar 07, 2022

I'm happy to announce the latest update to F-Response.

Always remember you can click here to jump straight to the downloads page and get the latest, or read on for more details.
First and foremost, we hope this message finds you well.

This month's release is primarily focused on F-Response Universal and Collect. Both products received new configuration tools as both will be removing the web based configuration interface in a coming release.

Collect and Universal Configuration Tool

The new configuration tool uses the same HTTPS communication model, except it now does this via a native Windows application interface.

You'll find all the details necessary to use the new configuration tool for both Collect and Universal servers in their respective manuals.

The now deprecated web interface will remain in place for a few months as we get people accustomed to using the configuration tool moving forward.

In addition to the new configuration tool, we've also ported the "iprestrictions" option from Collect to Universal. For those who want to, it is now possible to restrict access to examiner connections to specific IP addresses. More details on that is in the F-Response Universal Manual.

Thank you for your continued interest in F-Response.

Warmest Regards,

M Shannon, Managing Principal