F-Response and Collect Released - Updates to Collect, Classic, and Universal


We're happy to announce the latest update to F-Response.

Always remember you can click here to jump straight to the downloads page and get the latest, or read on for more details.
First and foremost, we hope this message finds you well.

This month's release is primarily focused on F-Response Universal and Collect.

The biggest news is this latest update to F-Response Collect now provides the ability to make custom file collections based on simple path and filename matching criteria. For more details on custom file collections in F-Response Collect, check out the latest manual.

With Universal, the changes are focused around corrections in the main user interface, in how DiscoveryShares are traversed when specific character combinations are present, and updates to handle remote subjects that do not present a valid list of targets.

With both Universal and Collect, you will need to install the latest server, examiner, and subject builds to access the latest features.

For more specific information, be sure to check out the manuals on the mission guides and documentation page.

Warmest Regards,

M Shannon