F-Response Released

Feb 12, 2024

This first month of the year we dove straight into updates for F-Response. You'll find the details below, or you can always click on downloads to get straight to the latest release.


MSI Export Improvements

F-Response versions that supported MSI export now include additional product summary information, Subject, Author, etc. To take advantage of these new file details you will need to export new MSI file(s).

F-Response Collect Improvements

We've also added new Strict-Transport-Security headers to F-Response Collect and additional server authentication for new clients. Prior F-Response Collect subjects will still work with the new F-Response Collect Server, but current F-Response Collect subjects ( will not work with prior F-Response Collect server installations.

In summary, update the server and the subjects, or just the server. Do not update just the subjects.

Thanks for getting up to date with the latest from F-Response.

Warmest Regards,

M Shannon