Newest F-Response (CE, CE+C, EE, Univ) release now with Agentless Connection Support


I'm very happy to report the newest version( of F-Response (Consultant, Consultant + Covert, Enterprise, and Universal) now comes with a new collection option for challenging platforms, systems, and services.

F-Response Agentless Connection Collection

While we try to offer an F-Response executable for as many platforms as we can, that's not always possible. We get requests for Network Attached Storage (NAS), exotic file servers, and even the newest in Apple OSX hardware. Some of those we can handle and are in the process of investigating, others are just not possible given their unique nature.

It is with that in mind that we added the new F-Response Agentless Connections to Consultant, Consultant + Covert, Enterprise, and Universal.

Simply put, this new feature works very much like Cloud Collection, allowing you to configure specific file and folder collections from both SMB and SFTP shares. It's a helpful new feature that provides considerable flexibility while at the same time extending your forensic reach into new and advantageous systems.

We are excited about the new Agentless options, and have included new mission guides on how the SMB and SFTP work. Feel free to download and check them out. You will also find additional details on this feature in the F-Response CE, EE+C, EE Manual and the F-Response Universal Manual.

Thanks! We hope you enjoy these latest enhancements to F-Response!

Warmest Regards,

M. Shannon