Newest F-Response (CE, CE+C, EE, Univ) release now with Cloud Browsing


I'm very happy to report the newest version( of F-Response (TACTICAL, Consultant, Consultant + Covert, Enterprise, and Universal) now comes with an option to browse directly for the folder path you are looking to collect. Using the same tech we added for Agentless Connections, you can now see the folder structure straight from the collection dialog.

It's a simple addition, but one we hope will make the experience better for all involved. You'll find new details in each one of our mission guides that outlines the process.

In addition, for GSuite only, we've added a new cloud log collection capability. You'll find more details on that in the GSuite specific mission guide.

Thanks! We hope you enjoy these latest enhancements to F-Response!

Warmest Regards,

M. Shannon