F-Response Collect v Released


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We've got a number of new updates for F-Response Collect users, so many that we have pushed the version to v2. If you are a Collect user, you're going to want to install both the new server and new subjects to ensure they all work together properly. The latest enhancements include the following:

Faster Image Collection

F-Response Collect now processes the hash inline and saves state as part of the upload process. This means there is no longer a hashing period at the end, and the resulting image and hash are immediately available to download at completion.

Auto-Resuming Examiner Download

The F-Response Collect examiner tools will now automatically attempt to resume a failed image download from the server unless expressly cancelled.

IP Restrictions

You can now add IP address restrictions to the Collect server to restrict machines that can access the examiner tooling.

You'll find details in the latest F-Response Collect Manual.

Warmest Regards,

M. Shannon