F-Response Now

Aug 17, 2017

As of this week we have taken F-Response NOW offline.

We are debating the merits of continuing to offer the service internally. Essentially the challenges are many. The key concern is network latency is detrimental to accessing physical devices. Simply put, latency can get high enough over long distance links to render those drive connections disabled by Windows. In addition, while something we can't control, our customers have experienced issues due to web proxies, insufficient support for web sockets, and insufficient speed vs intended use. If all of this weren't enough we must keep a keen eye on network neutrality rulings from the FCC and how those can affect a service that is intrinsically tied to bandwidth.

Therefore at this time we have elected to bring the service offline and make a decision internally on whether it will return and if so, what it would look like.

We apologize for any inconvenience this represents for you and do appreciate your support of F-Response NOW during its tenure.

Warmest Regards,

M. Shannon