F-Response Universal/Now Released


F-Response Universal/Now Released

We've addressed or added a number of items to F-Response Universal/Now, including:

Addressed an issue with how fragmented reads were handled on the Windows examiner platform. To apply this correction you only need to update the appliance and reinstall the Windows examiner software installation, this does not require replacing the Universal subject software.

Addressed issues with default licensing for clustered and virtual environments.

Provided improved Linux and Apple OSX packages for attaching, detaching, and working with remote subjects. We recommend removing any existing Linux/OSX packages before installing these new ones.

You'll find these updates and others in the latest version of F-Response Universal. How do you get the latest version? You'll find the details on how to update your appliance to the latest version of F-Response Universal in the F-Response Universal Manual available on the Mission Guides and Documentation page.