F-Response v8 - Update Available


We've got a new release for F-Response v8 on the website and it includes a number of fixes and improvements.

Each one of these improvements comes thanks to the efforts of F-Response users.

API Hardening and Security

We have made the following improvements to the new F-Response Management Console Web API:

  • Bound to only.
  • Removed any references to encrypted credential values.
  • Removed all F-Response credential (LM or Accelerator) configuration from the API.
  • Added an access and error log for API interactions.

We are confident those steps will go a long way in hardening the new API, and recommend F-Response v8 users move to this new release right away.

Native Google Docs

We have adjusted how we handle Native Google Docs to make sure they are now downloaded properly as part of a Google Drive collection.

Accelerator Imaging

We have corrected an issue that resulted in accelerator not being able to start an image operation in some instances.

You'll find all the downloads for F-Response v8 on our website here, and any updates to the API will be documented in the API document on the Support and Mission Guides page of our website.

Thank you for all that you do to support F-Response. We continue to be humbled by our customers and look forward to many more years together.

M Shannon, Managing Principal
April 29, 2019