F-Response Released - Updates to Collect, Classic, and Windows 11

Nov 02, 2021

I'm happy to announce the latest update to F-Response.

Always remember you can click here to jump straight to the downloads page and get the latest, or read on for more details.

This release focuses on tightening up a few minor issues that cropped up with our latest set of enhancements, specifically focusing on the following:

Profile Collection for F-Response Collect

An astute user noticed an issue with how Collect profile images resumed and brought it to our attention. A reasonably simple solution to address, this correction allows F-Response Collect to better resume profile collections, and to handle situations where it encounters errors reading from the VSS file content. The correction is tied up in the subject executable, so replacing that will get you what you need.

RPC (Installation path and communications model), plus more improvements to deployment

Starting in, we've enclosed the F-Response Web RPC service path in quotes, and greatly streamlined the underlying model for communications between worker processes and the GUI. In addition, we've updated the deployment (CE+C, EE, UNIV) to better fall back to prior processes if the security descriptor model implemented in the prior release does not work or is not available. The net effect should be seamless for the end user.

Windows 11

We are happy to report that F-Response worked fine as both an examiner and a subject on Windows 11. We know not everyone will move immediately to the newest Microsoft OS, but rest assured we've already tested it and found no issues at this time.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get up to speed with what's new at F-Response. We'll see you again in a month or so to close out the year.

Warmest Regards,

M Shannon, Managing Principal