Better late than never, F-Response v7


A wise man once said "The journey of a hundred builds start with a single line of code." This might not be the exact translation, but it fits perfectly with today's news.

Nine years ago we started F-Response with a simple but compelling mission. Provide our customers with access to remote drives, completely read-only, in the most straight forward and least confusing way possible. It was a compelling message, one that has resonated, and continues to resonate with each demo, each one-on-one conversation, and each time things don't go exactly as planned and we help walk you through it. Today's news is only possible because of you and your desire for a simple and straight forward future.

We realize that over those nine years F-Response has grown. Perhaps it's not as simple as it once was, there is an Imager, a Connector, Management Consoles, and a number of different versions. To those just getting started this quickly becomes overwhelming. We saw that, and for the last year we've been hard at work to try and solve that problem. We looked at how to merge our numerous interfaces into a single console, improve our performance, provide high grade encryption for all connections, and level the playing field further with fully functional examiner applications for Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux.

This was not a trivial undertaking, but I could not be more proud of the F-Response team and what they've accomplished. F-Response v7 is the start of a new era for F-Response, one that I feel honored to have been a part of. However, as we approached a final release we realized that while we are very comfortable using this new F-Response, it is dramatically different than the F-Response you've used for the last nine years. While it does all the same things (and in many cases much more) it's certainly something we wanted to ease you into.

So, for the moment F-Response v7 is "Beta". This first general population beta release will initially only be available for F-Response Field Kit, Consultant, Consultant+Covert, and Enterprise customers. We have a TACTICAL version and plan to bring it out very soon, but with so many different TACTICAL hardware configurations we wanted a little more time to make certain it would be a seamless transition for TACTICAL customers as well.

So without further delay, I present F-Response v7.

F-Response v7 Public Beta

Warmest Regards,
Matt Shannon