F-Response v7 Production Release


Today is a milestone day.

At the start of this process we didn't appreciate the sheer magnitude of work that lay ahead. Each and every part of F-Response was updated, improved, and in many cases completely redesigned. The end result of this effort was an F-Response more capable, more streamlined, and more approachable to both new and existing customers.

As such, we could not be happier to announce the immediate availability of F-Response v7 for Enterprise, Consultant + Covert, Consultant, TACTICAL, and Field Kit customers. From now on you should be able to find v7 specific mission guides, manuals, videos, and documentation on our website.

For a limited time we will continue to keep v6 on the downloads page, however we recommend moving to v7 in the near term, especially if you were a frequent user of the "Connector" product from the v6 series.

Numerous improvements and advances with cloud collection, access, and stability have made their way into v7. In addition, with the exception of TACTICAL, you can readily run v6 and v7 side by side on your examiner machine. This should give you an easy and straight forward path to successful migration.

Lastly, to those of you who took the opportunity to beta test v7 we want to extend a heartfelt thank you. While the process wasn't always perfect, we believe your feedback (both good and bad) was instrumental in bringing about a well conceived and robust v7.

So without further delay, welcome to F-Response v7.

Warmest Regards,

M. Shannon