F-Response v Released


We hope this message finds you well, safe, and healthy. It has certainly been an interesting year so far, lets hope for a little less interesting from here on out.

With the US holiday pending we wanted to get a few updates out before a bunch of you left for vacation. (Important Note: Our offices will be closed July 3rd for observance of the US Holiday and will re-open Monday July 6th)

Always remember you can click here to jump straight to the downloads page and get the latest, or read on for more details.

The bulk of this update focuses on Universal, specifically addressing a few usability issues that up to this point had been difficult to pin down. Specifically, in this release we have updated both the server installation as well as the examiner tools.

First, in the server, we added an additional heartbeat function to help detect stale subject connections. This is something we used to do with the prior version of Universal but hadn't made its way into the new one. The end result for users should be a reduction in duplicate entries in the display.

Next, in the Windows Examiner tools for Universal, we added a dropped session detection mechanism. This allows the Universal console to tear down cleanly in the display should it lose connectivity to the Universal Server.

Lastly, we worked with an F-Response customer to adjust the GUI rendering code to handle multiple and spanned monitor configurations. These changes have made their way to all the F-Response graphical applications and should help customers with high-end displays.

All right, thank you for taking the time to get up to speed with what's going on here at F-Response, keep your eyes peeled for more on the new product, and please be safe.

Sincerely Yours,
M. Shannon, Principal