F-Response v Released


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The bulk of this update focuses on Cloud Collection. Specifically, we directed our attention toward providing a way to collect smaller subsets of increasingly large cloud storage accounts. To that end we've added both an "Alternate Root" and "Filename Filter" option. We'll detail both below:

First, "Alternate Root" allows you to select a different starting location to pull from. For instance, if you know of a specific folder in the user's account, you can input that folder and the collection will start at that location vs the root of the account. We have also added a "recursive" check box to further limit or expand the collection. If left checked, F-Response will collect the content of all folders underneath the alternate root, if unchecked, it will only collect that folder's contents.

Second, we've added a simple "Filename Filter" to the collection options. What this does is allow you to locate files that contain a specific string. For instance, if you wanted to collect all the Excel (.xls) files on a cloud account, you could simply include ".xls" as the "Filename Filter." You do not need wildcards and it does not use regular expressions. The "Filename Filter" simply checks to see whether the item as presented by the provider contains the inputted string.

You will find both of these updates in all versions of F-Response that include cloud functionality, and more details on them on our Mission Guides and Documentation page. As some cloud providers require different data to select a folder, you'll want to refer to the provider specific mission guide before configuring a collection.

All right. Thank you for taking the time to get up to speed with what's going on here at F-Response. Please be safe and enjoy your summer.

Sincerely Yours,
M. Shannon, Principal